Brand Story

It all began in 1922 in Tunisia, a small picturesque village near the beaches of the Mediterranean Sea, where the locals were mostly traders of textiles, oils, agricultural products and spices

Tenny Maimon (of blessed memory), father of Avraham Maimon, CEO of the company today, was head of the Jewish community in the village and was considered an expert in preparing spices. He had his own formulas for making mixes and unique production processes. In 1953 the Maimon family immigrated to Israel and settled in Beer Sheba. Tenny rented a small shop in the “Barracks Market” and continued at his work of spice production, mixes and grinding coffee beans. The store immediately drew thousands of customers from all over the country.

Following the great success, a bigger store was opened in the city market. This store was also very successful. In 1987 Tenny Maimon passed away and his son Avraham took his place.
Avraham had a vision to establish a factory which would include a production line and packaging and marketing departments, so that it could provide spices all over the country. Initially spices were sold only in the South but in the early 90’s they began to market them in supermarkets all over the country.

From a small store in the “Barracks Market”, Maimon Spices was transformed into the #1 seller of spices in Israel.

In 2013, in the 10th decade since its founding, the company underwent a rebranding in order to represent the brand values; the new logo’s shape hints at the star anise, made of fresh and colorful spices symbolizing the compass rose, reflecting one of the supreme values of the brand: finding the best sources in the world in order to provide its customers with quality, 100% pure spices from all over the world, hand in hand with the taste, aroma, colorfulness and uniqueness of the spices.