my Vision

When I came to formulate the vision for Maimon Spices, I knew immediately that it
must rely on the path outlined for us by its founding father. A vision, that will enable
us to move forward and achieve our goals with fulfillment and determination.
Therefore, every product that we develop and produce at Maimon Spices begins
with our vision: to add taste to life.
We locate and gather the raw materials from the finest varieties and the best
sources that nature has to offer; black pepper for example, imported from India,
cumin from Turkey, cloves from Sri Lanka, rosemary from Morocco and paprika?
from Israel.
We work constantly to renew and refresh your home kitchen and using professional
knowledge and experience passed from father to son since 1922 and all in order to
create the highest quality and finest seasonings for our customers.

Because you deserve it.

Signed, Avraham Maimon, CEO